Impeaching to the Choir

What portion of the U.S. House does it take to impeach the president?

  1. How accurate was your prediction?

  2. List the branches of government involved in the impeachment process:

  3. List any other process that involves all the branches:

  4. A Goldilocks impeachment process would be just right. Explain whether you think that the impeachment process is too difficult, too easy, or just right?

  5. In Federalist No. 51, Madison wrote that the people are the best check on the government, “A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government;” But that since the people could be wrong, “experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.” The government must be set up to stop tyranny. He wrote that, “Ambition must be made to counteract ambition.” Do you think that impeachment is a strong enough counteraction on the ambition of the presidency?

  6. Given the fact that the majority of the U.S. House is Democratic and the President is a Republican, do you think it is likely that the House will impeach the President?

  7. What portion of the U.S. Senate does it take to impeach a president?

  8. Given the fact that the majority of the Senate is Republican controlled and the President is a Republican, do you think it is likely that the Senate will convict the President in an impeachment trial?

  9. Explain whether you think President Trump should be impeached.

  10. Imagine that the House impeaches and the Senate convicts the President Trump. Imagine the President said he would not leave office. Who would enforce the Congress’ impeachment?

  11. Besides impeachment, is there any other way to remove a President from office?

  12. Only two U.S. presidents have ever been impeached. Why do you think the Framers made it so difficult to impeach a president?

  13. Right now, what portion of Americans want Trump to be impeached and how has that number changed over the Trump Administration?

  14. Explain any connection between the infographic above and federalism:

  15. Explain how the following factors would impact the likelihood of a president’s impeachment:

  • The President’s approval rating

  • Media coverage

  • The political party of the Supreme Court Chief Justice

  • Recent midterm election results

  • The partisan composition of the House and Senate

  • American involvement in a foreign war

  • The leadership of the House and Senate

  • Whether or not a president has committed an impeachable offense

Learning Extension

Check out this video on what percentage of Americans want Trump impeached. And check out these counteracting opinions, here’s an article Against Impeaching President Trump and an article for Impeaching President Trump.

Action Extension

Contact your member of Congress and share your opinion about Trump’s impeachment and then ask them their intention regarding impeaching the president? Share your exchange in class or online.

Fun With Data Extension

Never Forget

Never Forget

Infographic: Total of Ten Candidates Have Announced Presidential Bids  | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista