Odd One Out

Odd One Out

Thanks for playing Triple O with us. Let's find the odd one out. We'll give you a group of four GoPo terms. You figure out which one does NOT belong.

Example A

a)    Judicial

b)    Legislative

c)    Executive

d)    Ministry of Magic

Very good, the answer is d - the Ministry of Magic is not one of the three branches of the US government, yet!!!!! Expecto Patronum!

Here’s another one!

Example A+

a)    Tree frog

b)    Bactrian Camel

c)    Anteater

d)    Donald Trump

Which one doesn’t belong?

That’s right. c - the anteater doesn’t belong. According to Article I, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution Anteaters cannot be impeached.

You'll get one point for the correct answer (objective) and one point for the most creative and ingenious answer (subjective). The teacher will give one point for each objectively correct answer, and, if you convince them of the merit of your (incorrect) answer, you'll receive bonus points for ingenuity and original thinking. Add up your points and crown a Triple O Champion!

Alright already, let's play!

Now let’s move on to the first and only round!

1. Which one doesn’t belong?

a)    Exercise

b)    Filibuster

c)    Establishment

d)    Commerce

2. Which one doesn’t belong?

a)    Cabinet

b)    Conference Committee

c)    Veto

d)    Filibuster

3. Which one doesn’t belong?

a)    New York Times v. U.S.

b)    Engel v. Vitale

c)    Tinker v. Des Moines

d)    Gideon v. Wainwright

4. Which one doesn’t belong?

a)    1860

b)    1896

c)    1980

d)    1932

5. Which one doesn’t belong?

a)    FBI

b)    AMA

c)    NASA

d)    FEC

6. Which one doesn’t belong?

a)    Amicus Briefs

b)    Conference

c)    Oral Arguments

d)    Trial by Jury

Now I’ll leave you with this and I won’t tell you the answer. See if you can figure it out.


7. Which one doesn’t belong?

a)    Lobbying

b)    Extradition

c)    Concurrent Powers

d)    Interstate Commerce

Now it’s your turn to be creative/silly. In a team, make a list of four GoPo terms, three of which go together, one of which doesn’t. Share your list with another team and see if they can find the right answers. Then compile all the best team groupings and enter them into the form below!

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We’ll share the ones that aren’t totally embarrassing on the world-wide internet.

You'll find all the answers to the game in the download below.