Party Caucus

AP US Government and Politics


  1. What do you think party caucus means?

  2. Use party caucus in a sentence.

  3. Think of an example of party caucus in current events:

  4. Find an image of party caucus:

Fun Fact


Party Caucus: A meeting of members of a party in a legislative chamber to select party leaders and develop party policy. Called a conference by the Republicans. Participants set legislative agendas, select committee members and chairs, and hold elections to choose various Floor leaders. This process takes place for both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Here is a list of Democratic Senate Caucus leadership, and Republican Senate Caucus leadership.


The Democratic Party Caucus met the other day to strategize about health care policy.


GOP health-care bill: House Republican leaders abruptly pull their rewrite of the nation’s health-care law


AP US Government and Politics


  1. What do party caucuses do?

  2. How does a caucus pick its leadership?

  3. If cacti is the plural of cactus, what is the plural of caucus?

  4. If you are in a party caucus does that make you a caucasian?

  5. If the Congress outlawed caucuses (cauci?!) how would that change the lawmaking process?