White House Staff


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Fun Fact


The White House Staff is an entity within the Executive Office of the President of the United States. The White House Office is headed by the White House Chief of Staff, who is also the head of the Executive Office of the President. The White House Staff advise the president and help the president carry out his responsibilities.


Over most of U.S. history cabinet secretaries have been among the most important formal advisers to presidents, and they exercised important managerial roles in implementing government policies and programs. With the large expansion of the government’s role in the economy in reaction to the Great Depression, Congress provided authority for the creation of the White House staff, which was formalized in the creation of the Executive Office of the President in 1939. The official White House staff began with six advisers to the president, but Presidents Truman and Eisenhower continued to rely heavily on their cabinet secretaries for policy advice.


President Obama continued the 20th century trend of centralizing control in the White House staff, ensuring the frustration of cabinet secretaries.


Cabinet secretaries versus the White House staff


Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 1.16.45 PM.png



  1. What is the primary job of the White House Staff?

  2. Must embers of the White House Staff be confirmed by the Senate?

  3. Who hires and fires the White House Staff?

  4. How is the White House Staff different from the Cabinet?

AP Studio Art

Now draw the White House Staff! Take 10 or 20 seconds. That’s all you need. Nothing fancy. Don’t expect a masterpiece. Draw with symbols or stick figures if you wish. You could just draw an org chart of who is in the staff. Now Look at your drawing. You’ve got it. The White House Staff. That’s all. You won!