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  1. What do you think docket means?

  2. Use docket in a sentence that will Make America Great Again.

  3. Think of an example of docket in current events:

  4. Find an image of docket:

  5. List one word that rhymes with docket:

Fun Fact


Docket: The list of potential cases that reach the Supreme Court. You can search the SCOTUS docket right here right now.


The Supreme Court docket has been much smaller under the conservative Roberts Court than it was under the activist Warren Court.


Legal scholarship highlight: An empirical analysis of the Court’s shrinking docket


Rhyme Thyme

Pocket, Locket, Lock it, Unlock it, Roquette, Socket, Rocket, Rockette, Sock it, Hock it, Mock it, Knock it, Wockit!


  1. Who determines what gets on the SCOTUS docket?

  2. About how many cases are on the SCOTUS docket to be heard each year?

  3. Which is the worst rhyming word with docket?

  4. Why would liberal/activists tend to want to hear more cases than conservative justices?