Political Culture


  1. What do you think political culture means?

  2. Use political culture in a sentence.

  3. Think of an example of political culture in current events:

  4. Find an image of political culture:

Fun Fact


Political Culture: The Widely shared beliefs, values, and norms about how citizens relate to government and one another


Just like every individual has their own beliefs about the role of government, every nation is an amalgamation of its citizens' individual beliefs, which add up to make its political culture. Like individuals, some nations have a conservative political culture, others, liberal.


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  1. Where does a nation's political culture come from?

  2. Why is one nation's political culture different from another's?

  3. Can a nation's political culture change over time?

  4. If political culture is widely shared norms and values, and a nation is divided, can it be said to have a political culture?

  5. What is American political culture, or what are some norms, beliefs, and political values even a Trump and Clinton supporter can agree on?

  6. What nation's political culture is the most different or diametrically opposed to the U.S.?