Closed Rule


  1. What do you think closed rule means?

  2. Use closed rule in a sentence.

  3. Think of an example of closed rule in current events:

  4. Find an image of closed rule:

Fun Fact


Closed Rule: A procedural rule in the House of Representatives that prohibits any amendments to bills or provides that only members of the committee reporting the bill may offer amendments. An open rule, on the other hand, permits floor amendments within the overall time allocated to the bill. A bill's status as open or closed is decided upon by the House Rules Committee.


Because the House Republican majority had imposed a closed rule on the recent pet chicken safety bill, once the bill had left the agriculture committee, the Democrats were not allowed to add amendments about the wearing of HAZMAT suits when petting chickens. After that, the Democratic party had a going out of business sale.


House Dem compares closed floor process to Putin's Russia



  1. Who decides if a bill is open or closed?

  2. What is one advantage to the majority party in declaring a bill closed?

  3. Does the legislative process seem mostly transparent, open, and democratic?

  4. What portion of bills were closed in the first session fo the 114th Congress.