Double Jeopardy


  1. What do you think double jeopardy means?

  2. Use double jeopardy in a sentence. Please avoid any television show jokes even if they are really funny.

  3. Think of an example of double jeopardy in current events:

  4. Find an image of double jeopardy:

Fun Fact


Trial or punishment for the same crime by the same government; forbidden by the Constitution.


If you are tried by the US government for a crime, acquitted, and then tried by the US government again on the same charge, that is a violation of your 5th Amendment Double Jeopardy protection.


Unionized Ontario Employers Face Double Jeopardy In Human Rights Cases




  1. If you are tried on a charge by the state can the federal government try you on the same charge?

  2. Whatamendment of the Constitution provides double jeopardy protection?

  3. Some people think that the accused have too many rights. If you were to rewrite the U.S. Constitution would you repeal the Double Jeopardy protection?