Executive Privilege


  1. What do you think executive privilege means?

  2. Use executive privilege in a sentence:

  3. Think of an example of executive privilege in current events:

  4. Find an image of executive privilege:


Fun Fact


The power to keep executive communications confidential, especially as they relate to national security. Here's a fabulous resource from the Miller Center on presidents' views on executive privilege.


Presidents can claim executive privilege to withhold documents or to prevent members of the executive branch from testifying in order to protect their communications. The reasoning goes that the president’s advisers must be able to offer advice freely and without fear of censure. But that doesn’t always hold up in court — just ask Richard Nixon, whose attempts to withhold audiotaped recordings connected to the Watergate scandal were blocked by the Supreme Court. Or Bill Clinton, who tried to dodge testimony about Monica Lewinsky and was overruled by the courts.


The House GOP won’t investigate Trump due to “executive privilege.”




  1. When a president invokes executive privilege, what institution are they trying to keep information from?

  2. What other institution gets to decide if the president may withhold information?

  3. Has there been an issue of executive privilege in the Trump administration yet?

  4. Do you believe presidents should be able to invoke executive privilege to withhold information from Congress?