1. What do you think logrolling means (in politics)?

  2. Use logrolling in a sentence (that is not about lumberjacks):

  3. Think of an example of logrolling in current events:

  4. Find an image of political logrolling:


Fun Fact



the practice of exchanging favors, especially in politics by reciprocal voting for each other's proposed legislation. Mutual aid and vote trading among legislators.


a sport in which two contestants stand on a floating log and try to knock each other off by spinning it with their feet. It's really fun and you should try it some time.



In a massive case of logrolling, when Patrick McHenry (R-NC) needed to picka vote for his bill outlawing breakfast cereal from one of the opposition party lawmakers, Tom Suozzi (D-NY) who would have otherwise opposed his bill, he agreed to support Representative Suozzi's bill to build an escalator to the top of the Empire State Building in exchange for Suozzi's vote on his breakfast cereal bill.


Whatever happened to Ohio’s ‘one-subject’ rule?




  1. How often do you think politicians really trade votes in logrolling?

  2. If you were a legislator would you vote for something you really didn't believe in in order to get your own bill passed that you really did believe in?

  3. Do you think logrolling should be outlawed?

  4. And if so, would you be willing to trade your vote to outlaw logrolling in order to get your own bill passed?