Name Recognition


  1. What do you think name recognition means?

  2. Use name recognition in a sentence:

  3. Think of an example of name recognition in current events:

  4. Find an image of name recognition:



Incumbents have an advantage over challengers in election campaigns because voters are more familiar with them, and incumbents are more recognizable. Name recognition is also known as name ID. Trump dominated GOP field in name recognition.


In politics negative name recognition (Anthony Weiner; D - NY) is better than no name recognition (Kevin Cramer; R - ND). If you haven't heard of someone you probably won't vote for them.


Name recognition is apparently everything in politics



  1. How much does name recognition matter?

  2. Why does it matter?

  3. If name recognition mattered, then famous people and celebrities would run for office but that never happens. Does it?

  4. People wouldn't be silly enough to vote for someone simply based on their name, would they?