Judicial Review


  1. What do you think Judicial Review means?

  2. Use Judicial Review in a sentence:

  3. Describe an example of Judicial Review in current events:

  4. Find an image of judicial review:

Fun Fact


The power of a court to refuse to enforce a law or a government regulation that in the opinion of the judges conflicts with the U.S. Constitution, or in a state court, the state constitution. Here is the entire court opinion in the case of Marbury v Madison which established the principal of judicial review in the U.S.


Without judicial review the U.S. Congress and President would be greatly empowered and the Supreme Court would be vastly diminished.


Federal Circuit Panel Urges Court to Revisit Reviewability of § 315(b) En Banc



  1. When was judicial review first established in the U.S.?

  2. What would U.S. checks and balances be like without judicial review?

  3. What would happen to presidential power without judicial review?

  4. If the Rockettes put on black robes and performed a show would it be called Judicial Review?

  5. Does your family have it's own kind of judicial review for family matters?