Federal Mandate


  1. What do you think Federal Mandate means? (Pro tip: this is NOT when you go out to dinner with a male US bureaucrat!!!)

  2. Use Federal Mandate in a sentence:

  3. Describe an example of Federal Mandate in current events:

  4. Find an image of Federal Mandate:



A requirement the federal government imposes as a condition for receiving federal funds. On October 27th of ever year, we celebrate National Unfunded Mandate Day.


A federal mandate is not when you go out with a guy who works for the US bureaucracy. A federal mandate is when the federal government orders all states to increase the drinking age to 21 as a condition for receiving federal highway money.


Federal mandate to help disabled in theaters



  1. What is an example of a federal mandate?

  2. Why does the federal government pass federal mandates?

  3. Many federal mandates, like the Americans With Disabilities Act are passed but are not funded. These are referred to as UMs or Unfunded Mandates. Do you believe the national government should fund any mandates it makes?

  4. What did you do to celebrate NUM or National Unfunded Mandate Day this year? I baked a cake that looked like the US Capitol and the government didn't pay for it.