Party Identification


  1. What do you think party identification means?

  2. Use party identification in a GoPo type of sentence: Please do not write, "Dude, I identified a big party at Craig's house this weekend! His parents were out of town and dude, we raged!!!!!"

  3. Describe an example of party identification in current events:

  4. Find an image of party identification:



An informal and subjective affiliation with a political party that most people acquire in childhood. Here's a nifty set of charts of what party identification in the US looks like over the years. And here's a rad map of the United States divided by majority party affiliation of each state.


Most people's party identification is formed in in their youth, is usually the same as their parents', and tends to remain the same throughout a voter's lifetime.


The Single Greatest Force in American Politics? Partisanship

Silly Image


  1. What is your parents' party identification (ID) and what is your party identification (ID)? Why are those answers usually the same, and if yours isn't, why is that?

  2. How has party identification changed over the past 50 years in the U.S.?

  3. Why are there really only two viable party identifications in the US?

  4. Would you date/marry/cuddle with someone who had a different party ID from your own?

  5. How does Party ID (identification) affect US elections in general and the 2016 presidential election in particular?

  6. Do you think the Trump presidency will result in a change in trends in political party identification in the U.S.?