AP US Government and Politics


  1. What do you think politico means?

  2. Use politico in a sentence:

  3. Describe an example of politico in current events:

  4. Find an image of politico:

Fun Fact



Politico: elected representatives must make political decisions about how to vote. A politicians is called a trustee when they follow their own best judgement, and a delegate when they follow the will of the people. A politico plays the role of delegate when the people feel strongly about an issue, and plays the role of trustee when public opinion is muted. This representative who combines these two approaches to public office depending upon the circumstance is known as a politico.


Senator Slapphappy is such a politico. She listens to the people back in Wyoming when they are really concerned about an issue, but when they are not paying attention to a certain issue, she does whatever she wants.


Trump, Romney Flip-Flop on Immigration and Each Other


AP US Government and Politics

AP US Government and Politics


  1. What is the main difference between the delegate, trustee, and politico model of representation?

  2. List a politician who strongly follows the delegate, trustee, or politico model of representation:

  3. If you were a politician would you be more likely to follow the delegate, trustee, or politico model of representation?

  4. Of the delegate, trustee, or politico model of representation, which is the most democratic?

AP Studio Art

Now draw Politico! Take 10 or 20 seconds. That’s all you need. Nothing fancy. Don’t expect a masterpiece. Draw with symbols or stick figures if you wish. Now Look at your drawing. You’ve got it. That’s all.