National Supremacy

AP US Government and Politics


  1. What do you think national supremacy means?

  2. Use national supremacy in a sentence:

  3. Describe an example of national supremacy in current events:

  4. Find an image of national supremacy:

Fun Fact



National Supremacy: A constitutional doctrine (Article VI, Clause 2) that whenever conflict occurs between the constitutionally authorized actions of the national government and those of a state or local government, the actions of the federal government prevail.


Because of national supremacy, the federal Clean Water Act overrules Colorado's water quality statute.


State Can’t Log in National Forest Without Federal OK


AP US Government and Politics

AP US Government and Politics


  1. The National Supremacy Clause is contained in the U.S. Constitution. Which significant Supreme Court Cases revolve around the issue of national supremacy?

  2. How does national supremacy relate to federalism?

  3. What is an example of an instance of national supremacy in the U.S.?

  4. Describe an issue where you'd prefer that your state could override the national government?

  5. How much national supremacy was there under the articles of confederation?