Federal Register

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  1. What do you think federal register means?

  2. Use federal register in a sentence:

  3. Describe an example of federal register in current events:

  4. Find an image of federal register:


Fun Fact



Federal Register: An official document, published every weekday that lists the new and proposed regulations of executive departments and regulatory agencies.


If you formed a watchdog organization to monitor the growth of the federal government, the first thing you'd want to do every morning is get a big hot cup of coffee and read the federal register. But be careful not to tell anyone the plot and spoil the ending.


Hemp growers may try to block federal ban on marijuana extracts



Fake Federal Register

AP US Government and Politics

AP US Government and Politics


  1. The Federal Register was created on July 26, 1935. Why do you think the government started the Federal Register and why do you think it happened then?

  2. President Obama added 81,640 pages to the Federal Register. Explain whether that is a good or a bad thing?

  3. What is an example of something that would go in the federal register?

  4. If someone said they were going to register the wedding gifts they wanted on the federal register would you try to stop them?