AP US Government and Politics


  1. What do you think federalism means?

  2. Use federalism in a sentence: ("Federalism is a word," doesn't count!)

  3. Think of an example of federalism in current events:

  4. Find an image of federalism:




The distribution of power in an organization (as a government) between a central authority and the constituent units (states, provinces). Here's a world map of federalism.


Unlike America's federal government where power is shared between states and the national government, China's unitary government controls most every aspect of Chinese life from education, to taxation, to the capturing and return of underwater drones.


This is Your Federalism on Drugs


AP US Government and Politics

AP US Government and Politics


  1. Why did the Framers of the Constitution choose a federal system for the US?

  2. Why do so many countries of large size (Brazil, Australia, Canada, US) use federal systems of government?

  3. Imagine the U.S. reverted from a federal system to one where the national government contained all political power. What would be the best and the worst consequences of this change?