Valentine's Day

AP US Government and Politics and Candy

According to the American general public, what is the most important reason to get married?

  1. How accurate was your prediction?

  2. What most surprised you about this information?

  3. Is the information from the chart generally good or bad news?

  4. Let’s say that the government wanted to increase the number of marriages in the U.S. List two policies the government could make to Achieve its goal?

  5. There is a U.S. Department of energy, and the interior, and Treasury. Do you think there should be a U.S. Department of love?

  6. If so, who would be the secretary of love?

  7. I once taught with a man named Dr. Love! I also once had a student named Ms. Love. Then again, growing up, my neighbor was Rusty Peacock and I had a schoolmate named Marshall Law. For real, What is the best Valentine’s name you have ever heard?

  8. Explain which of the reasons listed in the chart is the best reason to get married.

  9. Explain which is the worst reason to get married.

  10. If someone told you that they were getting married for financial stability, after you slapped them right in the chops, what would you tell them?

  11. Do you plan on marrying?

  12. Compared to older generations, Does your generation plan on getting married?*

  13. Why do you think that is? Does that matter?

  14. Would the socioeconomic status of a person impact the likelihood of you marrying them?

  15. Are Americans more likely to marry outside of their faith today than in 1960?*

  16. Why do you think that is?

  17. Until very recently, LGBTQ people have not had the legal right to marry in the US. What is America’s opinion of same-sex marriage now?*

  18. What is your opinion of the fact that same-sex marriage is now legal?

  19. Was answering these questions a pretty romantic way to spend Valentine's Day, or what!?!

  20. Ask your beloved Valentine the same question on your big Valentine's Day date and see what they say/if they slap you.

Visual Extension*

Teacher cards valentines.jpg

Learning Extension

Check out all the great love and marriage charts at Pew.

Action Extension

Interview five married people and five unmarried people. Ask them to name the best 3 reasons for marriage. Compile your date, compare the results of the two groups, and share it online or in class, then get married.

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