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Are there more Democrats, Republicans or Independents in the United States?

Pro Tip: Think hard.

  1. You are wrong! How accurate was your silly prediction?

  2. Identify one trend in party identification over the past 24 years?

  3. Explain whether this is good or bad news.

  4. What is one cause of that trend?

  5. What is one consequence of that trend?

  6. Based on the trend from the chart, what will this party affiliation breakdown look like in 2040?

  7. There are more Independents than either Democrats or Republicans. about what portion of Congress are Independents?

  8. Given that there are more Independents than Democrats or Republicans, what are two reasons that Independents rarely win election to congress?

  9. Explain whether it would be more likely for an independent senator or an independent President to be elected to office?

  10. What portion of Independents are truly Independent and do not actually lean toward one party or the other?

  11. What is the opposite of progress?*

  12. What portion of statistics are made up on the spot?*

  13. Based solely on the table above, which party would you bet would win the 2020 presidential election?

  14. Based on what you know about US politics, explain why the bet you made in the last question might be wrong?

  15. In what way are Independents demographically different from Democrats or Republicans?

*Congress; 47%

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Read the Pew Report: Political Independents: Who They Are, What They Think before it’s too late!

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Here is a list of some American Independent parties. Maybe you like the Libertarian Party, Green Party, Prohibition Party, Pirate Party, the Light Party or the Modern Whig Party. Share your favorite one with your friends or enemies in class or online.

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