Census So White

What ethnic group is most concerned that the answers they provide to the 2020 Census will be used against them?

  1. How wrong was your assumption?

  2. How surprised are you by this information?

  3. What story does this data tell?

  4. How accurately does this data reflect your own story?

  5. The U.S. census counts every resident in the United States. It is mandated by Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution and takes place every 10 years. Describe precisely (feel free to quote it) who the U.S. constitution says should be counted:

  6. more than $800 billion in annual federal funds are allocated based in part on Census population data. That’s a lot of money! What else is the Census data used for anyway?

  7. The Census question many Americans are worried about asks, "Is this person a citizen of the United States?" Why would this question worry anyone?

  8. Of all ethnic and racial groups, Explain why Asians are the most concerned and Whites the least concerned about census data being used against them.

  9. The Census Bureau expects that 630,000 households may not complete the 2020 Census because of a potential question asking about respondents' citizenship question. Why would the CENSUS BUREAU INTENTIONALLY ask a question they know will SKEW the results of the SURVEY data?

  10. What U.S. Government department is the Census Bureau part of?

  11. One expert predicts that as many as 24 million people would not be counted as a result of adding this citizenship question. HOw could thE undercount of the actual population impact things like public health and education?

  12. Federal law strictly prohibits the Census Bureau from sharing information with organizations like ICE, the FBI, or Border Patrol. Obviously, this is not comforting enough to the many people who are deciding not to answer the census. Why do you think they feel this fear of the Census AND THE GOVERNMENT?

  13. The Trump administration is locked in a legal battle with dozens of states, cities and other groups that do not want the question to appear on forms for the constitutionally mandated head count of every person living in the U.S. Why would so many states and cities be opposed to this question?

  14. Has the census ever asked about citizenship status before*?

  15. How will the census citizenship question affect you?

  16. Do you know anyone who has concerns about filling out the census?

  17. Here is a claim: The census is supposed to count everyone who is here, and this question will make AN ACCURATE count unlikely. Respond to THE VALIDITY OF THAt claim using your knowledge of the US political system.

  18. Who decides whether the use of a citizenship question on the census is constitutional?

  19. If you were the president (you’re not), explain whether you would include the citizenship question on the Census?

  20. Based on the map below*, do you think the census will impact red and blue stats equally?

Visual Extension*


Learning Extension

Look at this online copy of the new census.

Action Extension

Tweet the Census Bureau at @uscensusbureau and let them know what you think about the citizenship question.

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