Hey Big Military Spender

What percent of the world's military spending belongs to the United States?

  1. How accurate was your prediction?

  2. What most surprised you about this data?

  3. What is the big story this chart tells about U.S. military spending?

  4. Is that a good thing/Happy Story?

  5. Why do you think we spend so much on the military?

  6. What is one consequence of America's military budget?

  7. Based on the data in the chart, How many of the top military spending nations are our allies?

  8. What question would you like answered about the chart?

  9. Imagine that you were the head of the Office of Management and Budget, (You down with OMB?) responsible for formulating the President’s overall budget. What information that is NOT provided in the chart would you like to know to help you make better budgeting decisions?

  10. Military spending has increased under POTUS Trump. Explain the connection between the base of POTUS Trump's electoral coalition and this increase in military spending.

  11. What branches of government are involved in setting the budget?

  12. What specific departments, agencies, and offices in the US government would be involved in making recommendations on military spending.

  13. Imagine a scenario in which POTUS Trump decides to slash military spending by 10%. Describe the methods that pro-military interest groups could use to try to counter his decision.

  14. According to the U.S. Constitution What specific military powers does the POTUS have?

  15. When you look at military spending as a portion of GDP how does the US compare to other countries?

  16. When you look at projected Military spending (below*), what conclusions can you draw about America's future role as world superpower?

  17. How likely is it that the United States will use its military might against Venezuela?

Visual Extension*

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 1.10.00 PM.png

Learning Extension

Check out this wicked cool global military data from data daddy himself, Max Roser. ANd check out his interactive military spending chart below.

Action Extension.

Think about how you could best influence American budget priorities and spending and then check out this ACTION page from the National Priorities Project. Whatever your opinion is regarding military spending, share your idea of the most efficacious way to influence American military spending in class and online.

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 Really Random extension