Hey Big Election Spender

US Government and Politics

How often does the higher spending Senate candidate win election?

  US Government and Politics    

US Government and Politics

  1. How accurate was your prediction?

  2. What is the big story this chart tells?

  3. What are two reasons that the higher spending candidate wins?

  4. What are two consequences of this?

  5. Besides the winners, themselves, who benefits most from this trend?

  6. Explain why higher spending Senate candidates win more often than higher spending House candidates.

  7. Is this all good for American democracy?

  8. List one step the U.S. Congress could take to make challengers more competitive?

  9. List one step the SCOTUS could take to make challengers more competitive?

  10. What would the Framers of the US Constitution think about this?

Learning Extension

Watch this PBS NewsHour video about money and elections

Action Extension

Think about what actions students can take to address the issue of money in politics and share your best idea in class or online.