Foreign Policy First

What is the number one foreign policy priority for Americans?

  1. How accurate was your silly prediction? Or - How silly was your accurate prediction?

  2. What story does this chart tell about American foreign policy priorities?

  3. Why do you think that is?

  4. What is a consequence of this?

  5. What story does this chart tell about political polarization in America?

  6. Why is there such a high level of political polarization in the US?

  7. What is one consequence of this high level of political polarization on U.S. foreign policy?

  8. In general, do you think Americans worry more about domestic or foreign policy?

  9. In general, do you think American politicians worry more about domestic or foreign policy?

  10. If you were the president and you saw this huge gap in what foreign policy issues are important to Democrats and Republicans what would you do about it? How would you lead?

  11. Can you think of a time inAmerican hisotry where people, regarddless of their party afiliation, agreed on foreign policy priorites? I can…what time can you think of?

  12. You may have noticed the President Obama undid many of the George W. Bush foreign policies that Democrats found most unsettling (Guantanamo). You may have also noticed that Donald Trump undid many of the Obama foreign policies that Republicans most disliked (Iran treaty). What do you predict will happen in terms of undoing foreign policy when Joe Biden/Nikki Haley/Dwayne “The POTUS” Johnson/__________ becomes our next president?

  13. What does this general undoing of the predecessor’s policy do for the coherence of American foreign policy and for the global strength of America.

  14. Does this ping-pong undoing of American foreign policy empower or disempower the people who actually carry out that policy in the US government?

  15. Who are some of the top presidential advisors or members of cabinet who play a role in shaping and executing foreign policy?

  16. Claim: foreign policy making is a non-democratic process. Respond to this claim with at least two pieces of evidence or reasons to support your answer.

  17. Why do you think Democrats are so concerned about climate change, and why are Republicans so worried about illegal immigration? And if we could prove that illegal immigrants were causing climate change, would that be something we could all agree on?

  18. According to the chart, what foreign policy issues do Democrats and Republicans most agree on and what do they most disagree on?

  19. Imagine that you thought the American government was making huge mistakes in creating and implementing foreign policy. What would be an effective way for a young citizen to try to influence American foreign policy?

  20. Describe what power the U.S. Congress has in terms of foreign policy making.

  21. If you were asked to list the ten most important foreign policy issues to America, what would your list look like?

  22. How does age impact foreign policy priorities?*

Visual Extension*

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 1.12.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 1.12.10 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 1.12.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 1.12.48 PM.png

Learning Extension

Quick, before we elect a new president/foreign policy, take a look at this Pew story on foreign policy priorities.

Action Extension

Family time! Ask ten folks to rank the biggest foreign threats to America. Share the results of your survey in class or online.

Extended Therapy Pet Extension

This must be photoshopped !!!!!! Nope.

This must be photoshopped !!!!!! Nope.