Year of the Rookie

What portion of the current Congress is leaving?

  1. What story does the chart tell?

  2. Describe two reasons for such low turnover in Congress:

  3. Describe one positive consequence of such low congressional turnover.

  4. Describe one negative consequence of such low congressional turnover.

  5. Overall, explain whether this level of congressional turnover is good news or bad news.

  6. This year’s turnover is the third highest since 1947. Why do you think the turnover this year was so (relatively) high?

  7. There will be over 100 new members of Congress when they are sworn in this January. Explain whether new and inexperienced congress members are more likely to be delegates or trustees.

  8. Explain whether new members of Congress are more likely to be influenced by special interest groups, PACs, and lobbyists than more experienced members.

  9. DO you think we should have term limits (thus assuring a much higher turnover rate)?

  10. Explain how will this year’s level of turnover will impact the president’s ability to govern.

Learning Extension

FiveThirtyEight says that the chart from today’s class starter is one of the four most important charts to explain this year’s midterm election. Check out 538’s analysis of today’s class starter chart.

Action Extension

Use some of the words and ideas from the questions and charts in today’s class starter to make a short rhyme or rap about the new Congress. Share your creation in class or online.