Trust Trump?

What % of Americans consider Trump trustworthy?

  1. How accurate was your prediction?

  2. Why do you think that only 1/3 of Americans trust Trump?

  3. What is one consequence of the fact that only 1/3 of Americans trust the President?

  4. What is the big takeaway from the data in the graph?

  5. Take a look at the qualities listed in the graph above. According to you, which of them describe Trump and which ones do NOT describe Trump?

  6. Rank the qualities listed in the graph above from 1 (most important) to 8 (least important) in a president.

  7. How do you think Trump compares to other recent presidents regarding the qualities and traits from the graph above?*

  8. Describe an example of a time the public’s trust in the president is necessary for the President to succeed.

  9. How do you think public opinion on the president differs based on political party affiliation and other demographics?*

  10. How do you think Americans’ views of the President as depicted in information from this chart impacted the midterm elections? (I know, I know, the president does not - technically - run in a midterm election!)

  11. Most Americans say that Trump “stands up for what he believes.” Give an example of a time Trump did that.

  12. Even Republicans give Trump a negative rating for his temperament (even-tempered). What do you think temperament means and explain why even Trump’s supporters don’t think he has an even temperament.

Visual Extension*

Learning Extension

Read the Pew Report on Americans’ views on Trump.

Action Extension

Give five people this list of presidential traits and ask them to say whether each trait describes Trump. Share your analysis of the data in class or online.