Federal Aid

AP Government and Politics

Which U.S. state relies the most on federal aid?

  1. It's Monday! How accurate was your insanely amazing prediction?

  2. It's still Monday. What surprised you most about this data?

  3. Describe any geographical patterns or trends you see in this data.

  4. How do you explain these patterns?

  5. How much does Mississippi get from the federal government each year as a percent of it's state revenue?

  6. Wow! Are you serious?

  7. States receive money from the federal government to build roads, for example. What is another example of programs for which states receive money from the federal government?

  8. What would you say to the people of Mississippi about this data?

  9. Did you know that it's the first day of the school week? Do you think most people in Mississippi are aware of the data from this chart?

  10. Explain why it is that Mississippi gets almost half of its state revenue from the government.

  11. Block grants and categorical grants are different ways U.S. federal government money flows to the states. Describe how these two types of grants are different.

  12. Explain which type of grant is a better way to allocated money.

  13. Which state gets the lowest percentage of its revenue from the federal government?

  14. Upon seeing this map, a student commented, "Dang, Mr. Milner! I'm moving to Mississippi to get all the government money! Oh, and Happy Monday!!!!" Let's call this student "Ricky Bobby" What would you like to say to Ricky Bobby about whether it would be a good idea to move to a state that gets a lot of federal support, before you punch him in the face.

  15. There is a paradox - for now I'll call it the Talladega paradox - that people from states who hate the government the most rely on it the most. What should we call this paradox? Leave the name for it in the comments section below and we'll send whoever came up with the winning paradox name an official GoPo certificate of appreciation and an underwhelming prize!

  16. What emoji would best sum up the feelings of a person in Mississippi towards the federal government?

  17. What on earth does any of this have to do with federalism? Pro-tip: think about it.

  18. What wise, incisive, and all around smart comment do you think either a conservative or a liberal would make about this map?

  19. Besides, glad to be alive, how does this map make you feel?

  20. How does party affiliation and voting results in the 2016 election relate to this map? (see below)*

  21. How different do you think this map was 100 years ago? 1 trillion years ago?

  22. Why do you think that people who get the most from the government hate the government the most?

Visual Extension*

Learning Extension

Read the Tax Foundation article about federal money and the states. Then check out this updated Wallet Hub website chock full of great charts and graphs about this topic - more than you ever thought existed on this topic. But before you delete the Wallet hub link and delete your facebook account, just think about how amazing this information is and what a fascinating topic of conversation this could be at the prom!

Action Extension

Contact the Honorable Phil Bryant, Governor of Mississippi and tell him to chill with taking all our money and then hating’ on us.

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GoPoPro Loves Data!

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