The Absolute Worst US State for Women!

What is the worst US state for women?

  1. How accurate was your prediction?

  2. What most surprised you about this data?

  3. What criteria do you think Movehub used in determining this ranking?*

  4. What would be the most important criterion for you, personally, in deciding what state was best for women?

  5. How much choice do most people have in what state they live in?

  6. How Much choice do you have about where you live?

  7. How did your state rank in terms of the status of women?

  8. Why do you think that is?

  9. Do you see any geographic patterns in this map?

  10. What do you think explains those patterns?

  11. Explain the connection between this map & federalism.

  12. If we lived in a unitary system, what color would all the states be?

  13. What policy position could Oklahoma take that would improve it as a place for women to live?

  14. Given that Oklahoma is one of the most conservative states in America, how likely is it that they will implement policies making life better for women?

  15. Describe how Conservatives and Liberals would disagree about the role the government should take in making life more equal between men and women.

  16. If you overlaid the chart above with a map of the states won by Trump and Clinton in the 2016 Presidential mud wrestling match/election (see below)* how would the two compare?

  17. If you were a poor woman in Oklahoma and saw these rankings and thought, "My goodness, I need to move to Hawaii or Vermont right now!" What is the percent chance that you could just do that?

  18. Do you think Oklahoma is proud of being the worst state for women?

  19. How do you think the female representation in the legislature and government compares between Hawaii and Oklahoma? (See map below)*

  20. If you made a map of the best and worst COUNTRIES for women, what do you think the top 5 and the bottom five would be?*

Learning Extension

Read the Movehub article about how they ranked the states.*

Action Extension

Find out how your state ranks. Contact your state's governor, congratulate them/embarrass them about their ranking, and offer them one suggestion about how to improve/maintain their ranking.


Global rankings of best and worst places to be a mother.**


Our World in Data Extension