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Of the major U.S. institutions such as the U.S. Congress, the Presidency, Colleges and Universities, the News Media, Large Corporations, Banks, and Religious institutions, which is the least trusted by Americans?

Pew Research Center

AP US Government and Politics

  1. How accurate was your prediction?

  2. What most surprised you about this information?

  3. What is the big story this data tells?

  4. Why do you think the U.S. has such low levels of trust in the U.S. Congress?

  5. What is a consequence of this distrust?

  6. How do you think this data might affect young people considering what career to embark upon?

  7. Explain whether, overall, the data from the chart is good news or bad:

  8. If Americans were asked to evaluate the Supreme Court and Judiciary's impact on the direction of the country, how would they be judged?

  9. Explain how you think the Trump administration will be ranked in terms of their impact on the direction of the country:

  10. Why do you think small businesses are so well regarded?

  11. Why do you think that 28% of Americans have a negative view of colleges and Universities?

  12. Can you believe that 38% of all statistic are made up on the spot?!

  13. How would you personally evaluate each of the institutions in the chart above?

  14. How different do you think this data would have been 50 years ago?

  15. How do you think partisanship (Democrats versus Republicans) would most affect opinions of the institutions from this list*?

  16. The survey above was taken before the 2016 presidential campaign. Explain how you think these numbers have changed because of the election:

  17. What are three steps the U.S. government could take to regain Americans' trust?

  18. What major U.S. institution do you think would fare even worse than the U.S. Congress?

  19. What role do you think the media plays in creating these perceptions of these institutions?

  20. Think about how the media depicts the U.S. government in fictional television shows and movies. What movie or film best encapsulates the prevailing attitudes from this chart? Share your answer in the comments section below:

Learning Extension

Read the Pew Research Center's report on American attitudes towards institutions then check out this cool interactive graph of U.S. trust in the government over time.

Action Extension

Contact President Trump and share one idea you have of how he could increase Americans' opinion of the office of the presidency:

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