Rockin' In The Free World?

¿How free is the world?

  1. How accurate was your prediction?

  2. What most surprised you about the map and tables?

  3. What is the big story that this map tells?

  4. Why do you think that is?

  5. How do you think Freedom House defines and measures “Freedom”?

  6. What geographical patterns or trends do you find in the map?

  7. What is the most free region of the world?

  8. What is the least free region of the world?

  9. What do you think is the main explanation for why some parts of the world are free and others aren't?

  10. Explain whether this is all generally good news or bad news?

  11. In the comments section share whether you think the U.S. should take a role in making the world more free:

Learning Extension

Read the entire Freedom House Report: Freedom In The World 2016

Action Extension

Contact President Obama and explain the role you believe the U.S. should take in making the world more free.

Bonus Map Just For Fun