Global Language

What is the world's most commonly spoken language?

  1. How accurate was your prediction?

  2. What was most surprising about this information?

  3. Would you say there is such thing as a global language?

  4. Is this infographic good news or bad news?

  5. What does globalization have to do with this infographic?

  6. How many languages do you speak?

  7. Just 500 years ago, less than 5 million people spoke English. Why has that number grown so much?

  8. How do you think the globalization of language and spread of English has affected your life?

  9. One entire language is lost every 14 days. What do you think globalization has to do with this?

  10. If you could learn only one other language, explain which you would choose in the comments section:

Learning Extension

By the end of the century, nearly half the world's languages are predicted to become extinct. Explore this fantastic National Geographic interactive website on disappearing languages.

Action Extension

Learn one of the languages the world is predicted to lose in the next century.