Where people in each state were born


What portion of people living in your state were born in your state?

  1. What story does this map tell about the U.S.?

  2. Why do you think that is?

  3. What is one consequence of this on American politics?

  4. How accurate was your prediction?

  5. How would you describe the overall level of migration for your state?

  6. What state has the highest level of immigration?

  7. What state has the lowest level of immigration?

  8. Do most of the newcomers to your state come from inside or outside the US?

  9. Why do some states attract so many people?

  10. How do you think immigration was different for your state 50 & 100 years ago? You can actually find maps with the answer in this article.

  11. Predict what you think the numbers will be like for your state in 2050:

  12. What is one consequence of a state having a very high number of residents who were born in that state?

  13. What is one consequence of a state having a very low number of residents who were born in that state?

  14. If we got rid of federalism and adopted a unitary system of government how much power would the governors and legislators of each state on the map have?

  15. Is there any state that seems to have the perfect balance of native born residents and migrants?

  16. Explain how migration to your state impacts its overall political ideology?

  17. Explain connections between this map and the 2016 presidential election?

  18. In the comments section below write a piece of advice you would give brand new immigrants to your state:

Visual Extension

Learning Extension

Read the entire article about US mobility and check out the interactive maps comparing migration over the past century.

Action Extension

Survey your class and find out how many class members were born outside of your state. Compare that total to the state average. Find someone at your school who was not born in your state, ask them four questions about moving to your state, and then give them an "official" warm welcome them to your state.

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