Labor Daze


Today is Labor Day. Shouldn’t you have the day off today?

What is the most common job in your state?

  1. How accurate was your prediction?

  2. What surprised you about this map?

  3. What didn't surprise you about this map?

  4. What is the big trend you see in the map?

  5. Why do you think that is?

  6. What is one consequence of that trend?

  7. Is this legitimately good news?

  8. Do you plan to be a truck driver?

  9. Do you know any truck drivers?

  10. How different do you think this map would have looked fifty years ago?

  11. What do you think will happen when we mass-produce robot trucks?

  12. How does this map affect you?

  13. In an ideal world, what would the most common job in your state be?

  14. Write a question you'd like answered about this information?

  15. Why do we even have a Labor Day in the first place?

Learning Extension

You can see a slideshow from NPR's Planet Money of how the most common job in each state has changed, year by year, since 1978.

Action Extension

Today is Labor Day. Thank someone who labored for you today.

How many syllables are in caramel