This is your Life

At what age does the average American woman have her first child?

  1. How accurate was your prediction?

  2. What was most surprising about this chart?

  3. Plot yourself on this chart:

  4. Which of the landmarks on the chart do you not expect to achieve?

  5. How different do you think this entire chart would look in Sierra Leon (see Life expectancy in Sierra Leon at age 47 mark)?

  6. What is the best news on this chart?

  7. What is the worst news on this chart?

  8. In the comments section describe how different you believe this chart will be in 50 years?

Learning Extension

Read the entire article and look at all the pretty charts at Wait But Why.

Action Extension

Make a large scale copy of this chart by hand and post it on the wall of a school hallway where lots of people will see it with a note encouraging them to write their own landmarks onto the chart.