Approval of Congress

AP US Government and Politics

What is one thing that people hate more than congress?

Data courtesy of Daily Kos

AP US Government and Politics

  1. How accurate was your prediction?

  2. What story does this chart tell?

  3. What is the funniest thing about this data?

  4. What is the least funny thing about this data?

  5. What is something you hate more than congress?

  6. If you were given the list of items from the survey above where would you place all the items from most to least favorite?

  7. What questions do you have about this chart?

  8. Do you hate Congress?

  9. Do you hate your congressperson?

  10. What is one cause of this data?

  11. What is one consequence of people hating congress so much?

  12. After a year when most congressional incumbents were reelected we should pause to reflect upon the irony of how much we love our representatives and hate Congress. In the comments section, explain why people love their congressperson SO MUCH but hate Congress SO MUCH:


Learning Extension

Read the entire article about our Gov Lov!

Action Extension

Contact your member of Congress and tell them how you feel about them and why.

Analogy Extension

I asked my students to think of an analogy to the fact that we LOVE our congressional representatives (and vote for them again and again) and HATE Congress.

  • One student said it was like a person who was lactose intolerant guzzling whole milk.

  • Another said it was like a person who is in a relationship with someone who is abusive and even though they know the person will abuse them, they keep coming back to them time and time again.

Come up with your own analogy to share in class or online.