What Happens in an Internet Minute? 2019

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How many snaps are created every minute?

  1. How accurate was your prediction?

  2. What's the most interesting fact from this infographic?

  3. What's the most disturbing fact from this infographic?

  4. What is the big story this infographic tells?

  5. In general, is this chart good or bad news?

  6. How does this internet minute most impact American politics?

  7. How does American politics most impact this internet minute?

  8. Explain which you think has more impact on your life: the U.S. government or the internet.

  9. A student named Jed looked at this data and said, “this is interesting, but it’s not politics.” How would you respond to that claim?

  10. Imagine their was an internet at the time of the Constitutional Convention. How would that have impacted our country’s founding?

  11. In Federalist No. 538, Alexander Hamilton wrote that “the interwebs will be the death of us all.” Do you believe Hamilton was right?

  12. What does your average internet minute look like?

  13. How does that most negatively impact you?

  14. What 2 questions do you have about an internet minute?

  15. Which of the companies/services from the infographic above do you use the most?

  16. Only one generation ago, there was no internet as we know it today. How do you think the internet has most profoundly changed your generation?

  17. How do you think an internet minute will be different in 10 years?

  18. What is the biggest change from 2016* (see below) to 2018 in what happens in an internet minute?

  19. How do you imagine this information impacted the 2016 presidential campaign and election?

  20. What is the biggest impact of the information from the infographic on how the U.S. government functions?

  21. Imagine the internet went down - for an entire year - describe the three biggest impacts that would have on your life.

  22. Imagine the internet went down - for an entire year - describe the three biggest impacts that would have on American politics.

Learning Extension

Check out the Teens Fact Sheet from the Pew Research Center about internet consumption by U.S. teenagers.

Action Extension

Did you know that offline, the average person will have 35 to 48 thoughts per minute? When you get home from school, take twenty minutes to be by yourself. Stay off the internet for the first 10 minutes. Notice how you feel. Pay attention to your thoughts and where they go. Notice every time you reach for your phone or computer. Be aware of the speed of time. Stop. Now go online for ten minutes. Notice how different these ten minutes were from ten spent offline. Share your results with friends or family or in class.


Visual Extension


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