Day 3 - Interactions Among Branchs of Government - Executive Branch

Unit 2 - Interactions Among Branches of Government

(approximately 25-36% of multiple choice questions)

Part 2 - Executive Branch

Practice Test Question

_____ 2.2. In vetoing a bill, the President does which of the following?

A.     Rejects only a part of the bill without rejecting it entirely.               

B.     Prevents any further action on the bill.

C.     Sends the bill back to its original committee.                          

D.    Rejects all sections of the bill.

Unit Practice

List what you consider the five most important presidential powers along with one example of how each has been exercised by the current POTUS.

Silly Analogy

Imagine that a film is being made about the Trump Presidency. Explain what actor would best be cast in the role of President Trump, or explain what character from any movie you have seen most resembles President Trump.

Practice Test Question