Unit 4 - Institutions of National Government - Judicial Branch

4 - Institutions of National Government - Part 3 - Judicial Branch

About 45% of the AP exam will cover material from Unit 4. The legislative branch is 1/3 of Unit 4, so about 15% of the total AP exam will cover the judicial branch.

Test Review Question

_____ 4.3. If the Supreme Court reaches a tie on a decision on a case which of the following happens

A.     Congress decides the verdict.                

B.     The Supreme Court Chief Justice gets to decide the verdict.

C.     The next lowest courts’ ruling stands. 

D.    The Vice President gets to break the tie.

E.     They must take the case again next year.

Unit Practice

There are certain steps a case must go through before the Supreme Court issues its ruling. Describethe five most important steps a case must go through as it makes its way through the SCOTUS.

Silly Analogy

If the Supreme Court of the United States were summarized and described by just one adjective, explain what that adjective would be.

Obligatory Supreme Court with Dogs from John Oliver