Unit 4 - Institutions of National Government - Legislative Branch

4 - Institutions of National Government - Part 1 - Legislative Branch

About 45% of the AP exam will cover material from Unit 4. The legislative branch is 1/3 of Unit 4, so about 15% of the total AP exam will cover the legislative branch.

Practice Test Question

_____ 4.1. Which of the following generally results when the Senate and House pass different versions of the same bill?

A.     The president signs the version he prefers.

B.     The bill goes back to each house’s committee and restarts the legislative process.

C.     All amendments to the bill are invalidated, and the original version of the bill is sent to the president to sign.

D.    The Senate’s version of the bill is sent to the president, because the Senate is the higher legislative body.

E.     The two legislative bodies form a conference committee.

Unit Practice

Make a chart with

a) 7 steps a bill takes to become a law and

b) 5 ways to kill a bill.

Silly Analogy

If Congress were an animal, explain what animal Congress would be.