DIY Teacher Interview

Know an inspiring teacher? Tell us all about them. Or better yet, download the questions below and interview them yourself! We'll feature a teacher interview every month. If you know an inspiring teacher (it could be you) shout their praises to the rooftops so that we can feature them on our site, or if your voice grows weak, feel free to email the responses to any of the questions below to

First Round Teacher Interview Questions

1.    Tell me a story about something funny that happened in your class:

2.    Why did you become a teacher?

3.    What was your most memorable experience from your first year of teaching? 

4.    Think about the best student you've ever taught. What made them the best?

5.    What was the one thing that you probably said the most times in your classroom?

6.    If you hadn’t been a teacher what would you probably have done?

7.    Describe the moment when you realized you were going to be a teacher:

8.    What's the most surprising thing that's ever happened in your classroom?

9.What would you want a student to remember about you & your class in 20 years?

10.What would be good advice for a student about to take your class?

11.What is one quality you always wish you’d had more of as a teacher?

12.What's something a teacher should NEVER do?

13. What’s something to ALWAYS do?

14.What's the worst excuse a student ever gave you?

15.As a teacher, which of the five senses is the most important?

16.What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

17.What should every young/beginning teacher know?

18.What’s something a teacher should never wear to teach class?

19.If you could change one thing about schools what would it be?

20.What's something most people don't know about teaching?

21.What's the most significant way students have and haven’t changed over the years?

22.Who's the best teacher you ever had and what was so great about them?

And here's the biographical information all interviewees supply:

First Year Teacher:

Top Song that year:

President in that year:




Subject you can't imagine teaching:

Favorite Beatle:

First Name of a Beloved Student:

Favorite Subject/Book to teach:

The television show about your teaching life would be entitled _____________ starring ______________ as you.

School would be so much better if: _________________________________________

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