Redesigned GoPo Pro Digital Toolkit

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Redesigned GoPo Pro Digital Toolkit

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Our Redesign Toolkit includes

  • A Pacing guide and calendar to guide you through the redesign in one easy to follow download.

  • Fantastic lessons, reviews, and exams for every single day of the school year that will help your kids develop the knowledge and skills for success on the 2019 Redesigned Exam.

  • Exclusive access to tons of online redesign material including all the redesign’s Foundational Documents including newly added primary source documents and Supreme Court Cases for the 2018 exam such as: Letter From The Birmingham Jail, Federalist Paper no. 51, and great inquiry based resources on Landmark Supreme Court Cases like US v Lopez, Engel v Vitale, and many more.

  • Great graphic organizers like our SCOTUS landmark cases brackets! Powers of Congress Scavenger Hunt and Checks and Balances graphic organizer.

  • Rigorous and Creative unit projects (assignments, rubrics, assessments, and step-by-step guides) to prepare kids for the AP Government redesign capstone project.

  • Access to GoPo Pro redesign online content! Including our redesigned daily class starters to help students hone their visual-analytical and critical thinking skills.

  • Fabulous Fishbowls which help students hone the argumentation skills they will need for the brand-new FRQ!

  • Test-prep tools for success on the redesigned exam:

    • Understanding the new FRQ.

    • Writing the new argumentation essay.

    • Attacking the redesigned multiple choice section.

    • A complete AP redesign test bank with a full-length exam and all 5 unit tests.

    • Our exclusive student review guide.

This is a pre-order for the US Government and Politics redesign toolkit. You will not receive a toolkit or any product today.

Your US GoPo Redesign Toolkit will be ready to download on June 10, 2018. You’ll get an email in June announcing the redesigned toolkit release along with a code which you’ll use to download your new toolkit.

If you have any questions please contact me at or if this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911.

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