Redesigned GoPo Pro Digital Toolkit

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Redesigned GoPo Pro Digital Toolkit


Our Redesign Toolkit includes

  • A Pacing guide and calendar to guide you through the redesign in one easy to follow download.

  • Fantastic lessons, reviews, and exams for every single day of the school year that will help your kids develop the knowledge and skills for success on the 2019 Redesigned Exam.

  • Exclusive access to tons of online redesign material including all the redesign’s Foundational Documents including newly added primary source documents and Supreme Court Cases for the 2018 exam such as: Letter From The Birmingham Jail, Federalist Paper no. 51, and great inquiry based resources on Landmark Supreme Court Cases like US v Lopez, Engel v Vitale, and many more.

  • Great graphic organizers like our SCOTUS landmark cases brackets! Powers of Congress Scavenger Hunt and Checks and Balances graphic organizer.

  • Rigorous and Creative unit projects (assignments, rubrics, assessments, and step-by-step guides) to prepare kids for the AP Government redesign capstone project.

  • Access to GoPo Pro redesign online content! Including our redesigned daily class starters to help students hone their visual-analytical and critical thinking skills.

  • Fabulous Fishbowls which help students hone the argumentation skills they will need for the brand-new FRQ!

  • Test-prep tools for success on the redesigned exam:

    • Understanding the new FRQ.

    • Writing the new argumentation essay.

    • Attacking the redesigned multiple choice section.

    • A complete AP redesign test bank with a full-length exam and all 5 unit tests.

If you have any questions please contact me at or if this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911.

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