Build A Politician!

What does every citizen want for Christmas?

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Build A Politician!

Let's start with a name for this adorable Senator!

And guess what? I've created a Senator Name Generator for you to use with your students. Here's how it works. Just enter the following Information and you've got the name of your very own lovable Senator.

It's really not hard. Give it a try!

First Name: ________________
                       (Any State Capital)

Last Name: ______________
                       (Type of Fabric)

Senator Lincoln Corduroy (R) Nebraska. It's that easy!

Meet Your New Senator

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Senator Lansing Tweed (D) Michigan*

Let's give your Senator some political beliefs

Now give your senator a coherent well articulated political ideology with which to serve all of the people in their state and across this great nation. Nah, just kidding.

Ideology smideology! Here's the thing, the best way to get elected is to have already been elected: incumbents get reelected about 90% of the time!!! And if you're not an incumbent?  Make sure you have more money than your opponent: The candidate who outspends their opponent wins over 90% of the time! What if you aren't an incumbent and don't have a lot of money but do have a coherent and well articulated political ideology? Get a job, kid!

Oh, and do make sure your politician has passed a criminal background check, or if not, make sure they are running for US Senate in Alabama.

And here's some more data to help you Build A Politician!

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*2% of Americans said that if a presidential candidate had an affair they would be MORE likely to vote for them!!!!

Pro Tip: Make sure your politician isn't an atheist (or at least pretends not to be)!
In fact, looking at these traits, if you were to build a politician, what would you want them to be (or at least act) like? Based on this data, list 5 traits you would encourage and 5 you would discourage in a politician:

Build a Politician Chart

Use this chart to create your own politician.