Institutions of Government Review

The 2017 AP GoPo exam is on Thursday, May 10 at 8:00 am. Are you ready? What about your students? They're the ones taking it, not you!

About 40% of the AP GoPo exam will cover the institutions of government. With just a few weeks left before the exam, get the biggest bang for your buck by focusing your review on the institutions of government. If students have a good understanding of the details of the powers of the branches they will have a firm foundation for success on the exam.

While you want your review to be factual and detailed you need to keep the kids engaged (spring has sprung, after all), so try some of the following review games to get your kids ready to GoPo.

1-Play the Don’t lose your Check and Balance game

2-Play Last One Standing for each of the branches

3-Play Institutions of Government Jeopardy

4-Play Institutions of Government Password

5-Play Institutions Matching

From now until May 1, you can download all the directions and materials for free.