Bureaucracy Lesson Sampler

Compelling Question

Do we really have a democracy where the people control the government or does the unelected bureaucracy really have the power to control the people?

Define bureaucracy:


  1. a system of government in which most of the important decisions are made by state officials rather than by elected representatives.

The term "bureaucracy" is French in origin, and combines the French word bureau – desk or office – with the Greek word κράτος kratos – rule or political power.

·      List three facts you know about the U.S. federal bureaucracy:


·      Write 1 thing you’d like to learn or 1 question about the bureaucracy:



·      List five things the U.S. federal bureaucracy does:



·      List three specific jobs that are part of the U.S. federal bureaucracy:

·      Describe any interaction you have had with the federal bureaucracy:

·      Does your interaction with the bureaucracy generally empower or disempower you?

·      Vote with your feet

On one side of the room is a large white sheet of paper entitled: The Bureaucracy is Good

On the other side of the room is a large white sheet of paper entitled: The Bureaucracy is Bad

Stand near the sign you most agree with and write one reason you agree on the sheet of paper.

After everyone has taken a position, volunteers will share their reasons and opinions.

Poll the class for a final tally of their opinion on the bureaucracy.

Bureaucracy is Good                                                                                    Bureaucracy is Bad

Take a photo of the winning written arguments and post it to Twitter at @Classroooooooms

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