A micronation is a thing! It's real! I'm so excited!

First read this Wired article about micronations.

Then check out this comprehensive micronations list.

We even have this lovely micronation micromap for you to peruse...

And here are the king and Queen of the Hutt River Micronation!

The King and Queen of Hutt River Micronation - for real.

And here, in all her glory, is the entire micronation of Sealand.

Sealand, a sovereign micronation founded on a North Sea anti-aircraft platform abandoned by the British after WWII.

Now let's not confuse micronations with microstates, which are small sovereign countries recognized by the UN. To be clear, micronations are only recognized by themselves, not by other countries. Which can only mean one thing...it's time for you to make your own micronation! Input information about your brand new micronation in the official micronation registration form below.

We'll process your form and put you on our official micronation application registration congratulation list and then you can have your own coronation.