Is it better to be liked or respected? Explain why.

If you could be any non-human animal what would you be and why?

On the day that the robots and computers learn to fix themselves and realize they don’t need us anymore, describe the next three things that will happen:

If you lived in a parallel universe where time runs in reverse, how would that change your way of thinking about your life?

If scientists discovered a pill that could stop humans from aging, at what age would you take the pill to live the rest of your life and why?

About half the world lives on less than $2 US a day. Including all your expenses, about how much money do you think you live on each day? What would you have to give up to live on $2 a day?

NASA has put you in charge of sending a probe into outer space with a one minute long video clip to share with any beings it encounters. What do you fill the minute with to tell humankind’s story?

Rank the following in order of which you would want for yourself and explain why: brains, beauty, wealth:


If you had to choose between the right to vote and the right to own a smart phone, which would you choose and why?