My Classroom Rules

Hammurabi’s Code of Conduct

Observe the Golden Rule. In other words…

Food and drink

Leave the room as neat and tidy as you found it. I allow you to eat and drink in class (within reason: no waffles please). If your class leaves food or drinks in the room this privilege will be suspended.

Cell phones

Cells phones and any personal communication devices should be turned off during takeoff (class) and stowed in a bag, backpack, or under your desk. Please do not answer phones, text, or allow your phones to ring or vibrate during class. Feel free to bring a laptop to class (desktops are not a great idea),  but it must be shut unless I say otherwise. The first time your cell phone goes off in class, I will answer it; there won’t be a second time. I've had some hilarious conversations with friends of students! Don't let it be yours.

Sleeping in class

You may not sleep in class without my permission. I haven't given anyone permission yet. Sleeping in class will affect your grade, open you to surprise attack, and leave silly red marks on your face.


There is a great deal of opportunity for discussion in this class.

Discussion (and life in general) works best if you observe the following rules.


Speak your mind (not just your heart).

Restate what the other person has just said before you respond to it.

Attack ideas, not people. Don’t kill the messenger.

Ask as many questions as you make statements.

It’s ok to disagree. You can still be friends.

Work towards understanding.

Do us all a favor and think about what you are going to say before you say it.

Follow this guide: Is what you are saying true? Is it important? Is it worth saying? Is it hurtful?

Don’t repeat things that have already been said. Don’t begin with, “Somebody already said this…”

Respond to the thread of the discussion, not what was said five minutes ago (let it go).

If you start a sentence with, “I’m not racist, but…” you probably are and you definitely shouldn’t say it.

I’m glad you are a part of our our class. It’s going to be a great year. Now sit back and enjoy your flight.