And you think your students are tough! Drug Dealing Preschoolers

Today in Arizona, a four year-old girl opened her backpack and passed out candy to her delighted preschool classmates. Only problem was, it wasn’t candy she passed out. It was heroin.


The girl’s teacher, horrified when she realized what was happening, quickly confiscated the drugs from her distraught students before they could get out their little pediatric needles and started shooting up.


The mother of the preschool drug-mule stated that the backpacks must have gotten switched at home, but had “no idea how the heroin got into her child’s backpack in the first place.”


As surprised as the teacher who discovered the heroin must have been, we can only imagine the shock of the drug dealer who’s backpack was full of nothing but Go-gurt and Lunchables.


I’ve had some tough students in my day, but none as tough out as that heroin dealing four year old.