The World At Your Fingers

A tiny inexpensive computer rests in my palm. Just fifty years ago this machine would have been bigger than a classroom and cost millions of dollars. With the swipe of my fingertip I can answer almost any question, access most of the knowledge of humankind, create content, and communicate across cultures, languages, and thousands of miles.

I am a student in your classroom.

Out in the world I’ll work in teams, collaborating to creatively solve problems. I’ll follow questions through a sea of information until I reach original conclusions that I’ll need to communicate clearly and persuasively. Mostly, I’ll have to learn these skills on my own.

Why are we training students for the past? Isn’t it time that our classrooms were as creative as our students? This unit will help students harness the power of information and practice the skills to make it work for them. Creative Classrooms empowers students to create, collaborate, and communicate in the modern world.