Looking Over the Wall

What portion of American money goes to foreign aid?

The average American thinks it’s over one fourth of the US budget!

That’s not even close.

Let’s imagine all our country’s money as a one hundred dollar bill.

Now break the bill into dollar bills. There, we have one hundred, one-dollar bills.

Take one of those one hundred dollar bills. Put the other 99 dollar-bills back in the piggy bank.

Now take the remaining dollar bill and get change. You’ve got a handful of coins.

Now, put three quarters back in the piggybank.

Put a dime back.

Put a nickel back.

Put a penny back.

In your hand, you’ve got one dime a nickel and four pennies.

That’s nineteen cents out of 100 dollars.

That’s how much foreign aid we give.

And we think we’re generous.


There’s a drawing by Banksy I really like. It looks like this.

I want to peel back the wall for my students.

Once they have a view, the sky’s the limit.